A Different View of Money

We are a new kind of CPA firm for successful entrepreneurs, professionals and investors. When Tom Wheelwright founded ProVision, his goal was and continues to be helping clients quickly reach their goals for building wealth and personal freedom.
We provide integrated services on three fronts:

From this broad spectrum of expertise, clients select the services that meet their needs. And all clients benefit from a holistic approach to wealth creation.

The Missing Link

Local CPAs deliver a professional tax filing service. They have nothing to offer for positive wealth creation – it simply isn’t their focus.

Only the “Big 4″ accounting firms offer a menu of services comparable to ProVision’s. But they are focused on large corporate accounts, while individual clients tend be cared for by the most junior staff.

ProVision is the missing link, delivering a creative, team approach to wealth creation for the high-net-worth individual.

Focus On Freedom

Three principles make ProVision different.

#1 Working with your total financial picture, not just tax.
#2 Using an approach to tax that is proactive and strategic, not reactive and routine.
#3 Empowering clients with personal strategies and practical financial education.

There is also a difference in attitude you discover as soon as you begin to work with us. Experience has taught us that clients can accelerate their financial progress much faster than conventional wisdom allows. We have evolved unique strategies for building net worth through a combination of leveraged investment and sophisticated tax management.

As our founder & CEO, Tom Wheelwright, likes to put it: “Your financial freedom is closer than you think.”

A Team Approach

As a ProVision client, you will be served by a highly disciplined, dedicated team of experts. They set you free to do what you do best.

Each member of the ProVision team is selected for the passion they have to create success for clients, and they are all intensely trained in ProVision methodologies. You will be struck by the responsive, personal service you receive. Even more, you will notice that ProVision is always thinking ahead of the curve, anticipating your needs and the hurdles that might arise.

It’s this proactive, strategic outlook that provides the foundation for success.

Comprehensive Services

We are strategists with our feet on the ground. We not only help you create your master plan, we help you implement it. For example, our tax strategy programs require a sophistication in the tax filing process that no comparable firm can offer.

The Power of Knowledge

When it comes to wealth, what you create is a function of what you know. That’s why we place so much emphasis on financial education.

We have even created a separate website dedicated to financial education – Wealth Strategy U.

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