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The Reality Plan

Every successful entrepreneur knows the value of long-term strategic planning. Remarkably few find time to do it. There are excellent reasons for this gap between theory and practice.

As the owner of a privately held company, you spend your life on the frontline of business. You deal head-to-head with harsh realities and unexpected challenges. By nature you are probably adaptive, opportunistic and decisive. Not surprisingly, yours is the hardest environment for reflective thinking.

Yet, as you well know, there is a severe cost in lacking a strategic perspective. You are liable to work all hours, much of the time in reactive mode. Even though you love your company and believe in your product, the dream that called you into the business recedes further and further towards the horizon.

Our goal for you is freedom, and what freedom means is up to you. It may be freedom to devote more of yourself to the business, doing what you do best at a higher level of creativity and leadership. Or it may be freedom to move on to new ventures.

Our Wealth & Tax Strategy services combine our wealth strategy services and tax strategy services into one comprehensive service customized to build your business.

A Map You Can Use

Whatever your business objective is – whether it’s selling a service, selling a product, or making investments – strategy is the key.

By strategy we mean something strictly practical: a step-by-step plan that will get you from where you are today to where you wish to be in the future. That means knowing both ends of the spectrum. It involves a vigorous reality check on the current value and status of your business. And it requires specific measurable goals, with precise timelines.

In between, there are changes to be made, probably on all the key aspects of your business: finance, management, operations and marketing. We have the skills and resources to guide you through this.

As Business Strategists, We Are Unique on 3 Levels:



We have the know-how and strategic technologies that are common in major corporations, yet we understand first-hand the realities of entrepreneurial life.



We focus simultaneously on your personal and business goals, never letting the one eclipse the other.



We integrate proactive tax strategies within the business plan, rather than adding it as an afterthought – with dramatically positive consequences.

At ProVision, we have a passion for what we call “the business of business”. This applies whether your business offers services, products or invests – because if you’re investing you must approach your investing like a business.

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