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Your Friend, The Government

Most people see tax as a simple negative – something that just has to be put up with. We disagree. We see taxation as one of the most powerful tools for wealth creation because we understand how to utilize the tax law to your advantage.

Your average tax advisor will do his or her best to minimize taxes with a few cookie-cutter techniques, like annual deferments. We go much, much further to achieve truly dramatic reductions in your taxes.

At the center of our approach is the long-term vision for your financial and business future. We plan your taxes for years, if not decades, ahead. And we help you structure your situation for permanent savings.

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Big Thinking for the Smaller Enterprise

In our work with clients, we use strategies that are normally reserved for the major corporations. The reason they are so rarely applied to individuals or small business is that they can be extremely complex. There is nothing routine about this approach. Each case has to be studied in depth, and considerable creativity is invested to get a result.

Your active participation is essential. We do the heavy lifting, and we specifically work to free you from unnecessary effort. At the same time, we believe that your understanding of the process is key to long-term success. So our method involves more than just creating the plan. We guide you progressively in your tax strategy, empowering you to take full advantage of the opportunities to save.

Of course, there are accountants who will claim to reduce your taxes by bending the rules. That is absolutely not our way. Integrity is our number one value, and all our methods are completely legal. The good news is that you can achieve truly massive savings within the law – if the right strategy is applied.

Where The Rubber Meets the Road

Having a great plan is only half the story. Implementing your tax strategy is an art in itself. The way we conduct tax filings demands much finer attention and creativity than most accountants can offer. We are committed to seeing the process all the way through to get you a tangible result.

In business, you spend money to make money, and that is how we invite you to see your investment with ProVision. The creative tax strategies we’ll develop for you have one over-riding objective – to increase your wealth. That is why we characteristically view taxation in the context of a larger strategy.

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