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Freedom is the true meaning of wealth – freedom to do what you do best, take control of your time and enjoy life to the full.

You can be rich without being wealthy. You can have money and still not be free. That’s why at ProVision, we focus on your life goals first, and your financial goals second. We have learned from experience that when clients are fully aligned with what they truly want, financial growth follows.

Our wealth strategies are road maps to personal freedom. Founded on strong and proven principles, they are highly individualized and totally practical. Whatever your destination, we are committed to getting you there faster than you dreamed possible.

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The Twin Engines of Wealth Creation

When they first come to us, most of our clients are working harder than their money. Typically, your cash is “sitting” in an account or investment of one kind or another – but you never sit still for a moment!

Our job is to reverse this. We look for ways to reduce your workload, and make your money sweat for you. While each wealth strategy we develop is unique to the particular client, there are two principles that underlie all our work: leverage and velocity.

In brief, leverage is about multiplying the impact of your time and money by the smart engagement of other people’s resources. It is the secret to every story of great wealth, whether through business or investment.

Velocity is a less-well known principle. To simplify a complex idea, velocity means that your money never rests. It is compelled to move from task to task in a process of escalating wealth creation.

When these two principles are fully integrated, the results can be staggering. Just ask our clients.

A Field of Choices

Make no mistake. We are not in the business of cookie-cutter programs. Our methodologies are strong and flexible enough to succeed across the whole spectrum of wealth-building activity.

Some people are born entrepreneurs. Others are more comfortable behind a computer, dealing in paper assets. Then there are real estate investors of various kinds. No one of these paths is “better” than the other in creating massive financial returns.

The difference lies in the underlying strategy, not the vehicle chosen. We believe you should do what gives you most excitement, because that is where your creative energies will be released. Our team approach, combined with powerful methodologies, will help set those energies free.

But What About Tax?

That’s right, we are CPAs, too. Taxation is a major focus of our strategic work with clients. The difference in our view is that tax planning should be the servant of wealth creation. Understood like this, it is actually one of the most powerful tools we use to build net worth.

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